Qmt comprehensive service

We have a customized service program where the customer is in focus. With the help of knowledgeable and committed staff, we hope to achieve the goal, to guarantee our customers a carefree operation. A knowledgeable and well-trained staff is an invaluable asset. Our policy is that our technicians will receive continuous and technical training.

As a customer, you are always guaranteed that all service is done with original spare parts from Qmt. We believe that we as a manufacturer are best qualified to perform service on the equipment we deliver.We also provide training for operating staff and installers. Read more about this during education.


We have created 3 services that together cover all different service needs

  1. emergency service
    In emergencies, when emergency repairs and adjustments are needed, we are available 24 hours a day, of course, with access to Qmt original parts directly from our spare parts warehouse.

  2. Agreements Service
    This agreement includes regular preventive service visits for long-term, interference-free operation. The basic agreement is three years but service can also be carried out annually. The service includes annual inspection based on SIS Manual 370 and EN ISO 7396-1. Every year, the plant is carefully checked and errors and defects are pointed out and remedied in consultation with the customer. Every three years, a more comprehensive preventive service is called a three-year service. Replacement materials and gaskets are replaced here.

  3. Education and assistance
    When commissioning a new facility, it may feel safe to have a representative from the supplier on site to adjust and possibly sort out errors detected during boot. We also provide training on our equipment in connection with commissioning.

Qmt's service organization

QMT-Tech is accredited for gas pressurizing up to 300 bar