The idea

Processes often contain a system that provides topics from one place to another where the process takes place under controlled forms. The water can can be seen as a store that needs to be treated as such, kept clean, filled and not exposed to the outside world''s disturbances.

The water jet can be regarded as the pipe system, where we want the water to be so clean that we want to drink it when it comes to the glass. Disturbances can always affect the beam, a small windpuff and the water will end up next to the glass. The glass symbolizes the equipment near the user, which may be a patient.

The water in the glass should have good properties so that the customer experiences it as good and clean and absolutely does not feel bad. The whole procedure is open and not really protected from the outside world by anything but the outside world is clean enough. Qmt-tech ab is committed to ensuring complex processes with controlled repeatability. Then more than open vessels are required, but the analogue is available!