Precision regulator Powersaver

Qmt POWERSAVER is a pilot controlled precision regulating high flow controller. It is intended for medical systems with high flow variations and high consumption. In brass, the controller has solder connections, made of bronze for 28 or 54 mm copper tubes. The connections were soldered without flux and en. SIS HB 370, with at least five percent silver phosphorus copper code (QMT 7200812).

The controller is complete with venting pilot regulator and pressure gauge at secondary pressure as well as stainless steel version even with pressure gauge on the primary pressure.
The regulator is degreased for medical use and meets the requirements of EN ISO 7396-1, EN ISO 10524-2 and national standards SIS HB 370. The performance provides significant energy savings compared with conventional technology. The product is CE marked.

Artikelnr: QMT 78500XX

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