Gas consumption meter Flowlog

Qmt-tech gas consumption meter FlowLog is a gas consumption measurement tool. FlowLog is placed in the piping system, for example, to give an overview of the gas consumption of different departments. When you log the measurement values ??from the sensor, you can get an overview of how the consumption is for a certain amount of time.

FlowLog has no moving parts. It is compatible with all medical gases and is designed for minimal pressure drop.FlowLog can be dimensioned for different flow / measurement areas and complies with EN ISO 15002, EN ISO 7396-1, EN ISO 60601-1-8 and EN ISO 14971 standards.


To facilitate disassembly of the gas consumption gauge in a system in operation, there is a bypass switch. With Qmt bypass coupler, you can easily open the lower valve and close the valves around the gas consumption gauge to disassemble FlowLog safely. For more information about bypass switch, see Operation & Maintenance.

When ordering please provide the following: pipe diameter, measuring range and gas port.

Artikelnr: QMT 7FL-XX-XXX-X

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