Hospital wardpanel

Qmt wardpanel is a supply unit for medical gases and electricity. The nursery panel is available in various designs for best customer customization and optimal solution for current operations.

The panel can be delivered in a variety of variants and can be customized according to your wishes and requirements. It can be delivered in 1-compartment, 2-compartment, 3-compartment or 4-compartment depending on specification and requirements. The panel can be ordered in varying lengths. Electricity and gas are placed in separate channels at a distance of at least 200 mm between electrical outlets and gas outlet (the requirement does not apply to respiratory air or instrument air).

Electrical installation is carried out according to the wishes of the customer with both terminals and different types of sockets.

The gas outlets can either be placed in front of the panel, alternatively on the underside of the panel to reduce the appearance of hoses in the panel. The nursery panel can be equipped with IVA rail for suspension of medical device and / or reading / examination lamp. The nursery panel has smooth surfaces to facilitate cleaning.

The nursery panel meets standards:EN ISO 9170-1, EN ISO 7396-2, EN ISO 7396-1, EN ISO 9170-2, EN ISO 5359,EN 60601-1-8, EN ISO 14971 and SIS HB 370.The product is CE marked.

Artikelnr: QMTC 7-4421-2212-XXXX

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