Switch-over station TC30

Central for emptying and automatic replacement of medical gas. At the center you can manage two emptying pages simultaneously. One on the operating side and one in reserve. When the operating fluid bottle / bottle / bottle package is about to drain, the system automatically switches to the backup page which becomes operational side.

A pressure sensor for each operation page indicates the status of the bottle pressure. A pressure sensor on the outlet indicates the status of the outlet pressure.
The pressure regulators used can handle an inlet pressure of 210 bar. The unit consists of a metal mounting plate, two high pressure valves, two pressure regulators for high pressure and with operating lever lever, indicating which side is operating side. Cover cover is optional.

X indicates
Measuring equipment: S = Signal gauge, T = Pressure sensor, M = Micro switch
Gas: 1 = Breathing oxygen, 2 = Lust gas, 3 = Breathing air, 4 = Instrument air, 5 = Carbon dioxide

Artikelnr: QMT 7T03001-XX

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