Switch-over station TC Micro

Central for emptying and automatic replacement of medical gas and the possibility of supply via reserve unit. The central consists of a stainless steel bottom plate, two high pressure valves (3 pcs in reserve) with metallic seal, two high pressure regulators (3 in reserve), manual manual selection of primary drainage side and two secondary pressure regulators.

Three power sources
The power station can handle three power sources: one on the primary side, one in the secondary and one supply source at reserve. When the primary page is emptied, a change occurs to the secondary page (which becomes the main source). The alarm system indicates which source is being emptied. In case of loss of gas on both the primary and secondary sides, the reserve unit automatically enters, provided no valves are closed.

The central TC Micro has been designed to ensure gas supply also in connection with necessary maintenance. Each pressure regulator can be switched off separately, which means that the central unit functions partially, thus ensuring continuous drainage.

The central is intended for use with medical gases in accordance with the European Standard EN ISO 7396-1 and SIS HB 370. Medium pressure and outlet pressures are protected by safety valves according to the above standards with a pressure pressure of 16.0 and 6.5 bar.

Art. nr Descripiton
QMT 7T03101-1X Central serie LH automatic switch O2
QMT 7T03101-2X Central serie LH automatic switch N20
QMT 7T03101-3X Central serie LH automatic switch Air
QMT 7T03101-5X Central serie LH automatic switch CO2

X refers to measuring equipment T = Pressure sensor (default), S = Signal gauge, M = Micro switch

Accessories: Manifold, 3 connections (QMT788XX-2008M, XX indicates gas port)

Artikelnr: QMT 7T03101-XX

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