Operating pressure regulator Multistab

Qmt-tech operating pressure regulator MULTISTAB is designed to regulate pressure on medical gases from medium pressure to operating pressure.
According to the principle of first error *, the device contains two independent operating circuits. One is intended for normal operation and the other as a reserve, for example, service and inspection. This means that it is possible to change regulators and safety valves during operation.

Operating pressure is monitored by a pressure sensor (default) or signal manometer (option) indicating operating pressure status. At the operating pressure, MULTISTAB is equipped with safety valves for each circuit fitted with a common evacuation pipe. The gas outlets are used as measuring points.

* First error case: Situation in which a single component, which is intended to protect against a safety hazard in an equipment, is defective, or when a single external, abnormal circumstance exists.

Artikelnr: QMT 7MS0XXXTUXX

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