Line Pressure regulator

Qmt-tech''s line pressure regulator (pressure stabilizing unit) is intended to regulate the pressure of medical gases from nominal supply system pressure to nominal distribution pressure. According to the principle of single fault condition*, the unit contains two mutually independent operating circuits. One is intended for normal operation and the other as a reserve during, for example, service and inspection. This means that it is possible to replace regulators and safety valves during operation. Pressure transducer for outlet (nominal distribution) pressure is standard. Pressure transducer for inlet (nominal supply system) pressure is option. Optionally contact gauges can be fitted instead of pressure transducers. The unit is equipped with safety relief valves on the outlet pressure side for each circuit. These are equipped with a common relief gas pipe. The gas outlets are used as a measuring point.

* Single fault condition: Situation in which a single component, which is to protect against a safety risk in an equipment, is defective, or when a single external, abnormal circumstance is present.

Artikelnr: QMT 7MS028XXX / QMT 7MS054XXX

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