Masterwatch 6 TS

The Masterwatch 6 TS alarm system is a modern system adapted for medical gas stations.

The alarm retrieves analogue / digital signals from drainage stations, spare supplies and stabilizers. These are monitored and alarms are generated in error, on a 7 inch touch screen. There is the possibility to monitor Qmt''''''''s optional equipment. So as if the exhaust valve outlet valve is closed, dare for bottles / flask package (nitrous oxide / carbon dioxide), flow measurement for each gas, gas detector (oxygen and carbon dioxide) monitoring at the gas station, internal UPS status and temperature at the gas station. This provides a more accurate, safe, simple and complete solution for the monitoring of medical gas systems for the user.

Masterwatch 6 TS can communicate with parenting systems via modbus RS485 or modbus TCP / IP. There is also the possibility of receiving some digital signals from 3 relays. Masterwatch 6 TS is very easy to install and use. This provides a system of safe and economical operation for the hospital / clinic.

Artikelnr: QMT70TC600

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