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Qmt-tech indication board is connected to MasterWatch 6 for alarm indication. Suitable for placing in a non-gas-corridor if pressure monitor / pressure monitor would be located there.

The indication template has an optical indication. This is a 18mm lens with a lens. The tablet is shipped with loose lenses in the colors Blue, Red, Yellow, Green and White, for the option of choosing the color itself. Via a bracket on the back, you can choose whether it will be solid or flashing shine. The acoustic indication can be fixed sound or intermittent sound via a jumper. Connections are made to the screw terminal with wire protection. Can be chosen to connect only optical or acoustic indication. For recessed mounting in round device c / c 60mm or wall mounting (height 16mm). Cover for screw fixing of white thermoplastic.

Artikelnr: QMT704209

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